Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic rescues schnauzers in need. Schnauzer Rescue in the Mid-Atlantic including PA., MD., VA., and Washington, D.C.

Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic - miniature ( mini ) schnauzer rescue. Schnauzer Rescue of miniature schnauzers in the Mid-Atlantic region including PA., MD., VA., and Washington, D.C.

Patience helping teach a rescue to learn the ins and outs of a new home and family requires it!
Hope even a helpless dog lost or left behind has a chance to have a wonderful life
Commitment your family will make a long-term one to your new pet
Love your rescue will give it freely and unconditionally


Each of us can make a difference to stem the tide of unwanted pets, one dog at a time.     *Adopt a rescue or shelter dog.  So many wonderful pets are given up each day through no fault of their own.  Adopting your next companion instead of purchasing a puppy helps save the life of one very deserving animal.  *Keep your pet safely confined and wearing identification.  Prevent your pet from becoming lost by never allowing him to run loose.  It takes a little effort to leash walk your dog, but that effort is essential to prevent your pet from becoming lost.  *Spay and neuter your pet.    Make sure your pet doesn't contribute to  pet overpopulation.  Children do not need to experience the "wonder of birth" by having a companion animal reproduce.  Instead, take them to the shelter to see the many animals with litters who are left homeless.   *Make a real commitment.  Before bringing a pet into your home, make sure you are ready for a lifetime of responsible care and dedication.       

Often our goal in training our companions is to get them to "stop" doing a certain behavior, like jumping up on guests.  But a more effective approach involves giving the dog an alternate behavior that is more rewarding.  For example, when a visitor comes to the door, ask your dog to "sit" and then give him a treat.  If the dog jumps up, ask your visitor to ignore him and walk away.  Encourage your visitor to keep any greeting low key as to not overly excite your dog.  Each time a visitor comes, repeat the sit and treat.  Your dog will eventually come to associate the arrival of a visitor with the treat - and will immediately initiate the "sit" without your command.

GREAT STORIES -  In Memory of Rocky - Please read our tribute to a special rescue.    If you'd like to have your rescue story posted, please send it to

Every day thousands of dogs and cats across America are brought to animal shelters and thousands of others are euthanized because they have been deemed unadoptable or because their time is "up."  The scale of this mass execution makes the problem seem distant and almost impersonal.  But authors Diane Leigh and Marilee Geyer believe if we could all see each one of these animals as a living, breathing individual, perhaps we might really come to understand the problem and work to do something about it.  In One at a Time, A Week in an American Animal Shelter, the authors have documented the story of some of the animals who entered a typical American shelter that week.  It's an astonishing achievement, and one that must be digested in pieces.  The authors spent time getting to know the dogs and cats, learning why they were brought to the shelter, and then essentially waited to see what their fate would be.  Some were never claimed by owners.  Litters of kittens competed with other litters, equally irresistible.  The authors make the point that stopping the flow of unwanted animals is the real issue that must be addressed, not whether a shelter is forced to euthanize due to space constraints.  Their stories are riveting, often heartbreaking, sometimes uplifting and will forever change the way we look at our commitment to our pets.



Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic - miniature ( mini ) schnauzer rescue. Schnauzer Rescue of miniature schnauzers in the Mid-Atlantic region including PA., MD., VA., and Washington, D.C.Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic rescues miniature schnauzers in need and places them into pre-screened homes. We rescue and place miniature schnauzers in the Mid-Atlantic region including Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.

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How to Adopt




This is Annie's Story, a heart breaking story of one of our former rescues.

Annie's Story




 Read about the Missouri 10 puppy mill rescue and the puppies born into rescue

The puppies have all been adopted

Adopted Missouri Puppies




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Here's how the Schnauzer rescue process works:

  1. A Schnauzer is picked up at a shelter or turned over by an owner interested in rehoming his/her pet.  (NOTE:  Please contact  if you would like to have us find a wonderful home for your Schnauzer).
  2. Each dog is checked by a veterinarian, given all shots, spayed or neutered, tested for heartworms, and treated for any medical condition detected.
  3. Our dogs then live in foster homes where they are socialized and evaluated until they are adopted into a permanent home.
  4. Our dogs will be posted here and at our Pet Finders website as they become available for adoption. Applications are reviewed, reference checks are completed and applicants are interviewed.  The applicant who best suits the individual dog's needs is selected to adopt.
  5. The process can take as little as several days or as long as several months (particularly if there are health issues involved).  The average time from when a dog is placed in a foster home until it is adopted is 2-3 weeks.

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Schnauzer Day is November 21st!

In honor of the Missouri 10 and the 20 puppies that were rescued from a puppy mill on this day in 2009.

Give your Schnauzer an extra  hug!


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Volunteers - we need you!  The more volunteers we have, the more needy schnauzers we can help.  We are in need of people willing to help our efforts by transporting dogs, picking up dogs at shelters, organizing special events and more. If you'd like to volunteer, please fill out our Volunteer Application.   If you are willing to keep a rescue schnauzer in your home on a temporary basis, please read our Q & A about fostering and apply to be a foster home on line today! Contact or for more information on volunteering.

Meet some of our many volunteers and some of our many Schnauzers!



Here's our unique program for giving a fellow animal lover a gift that helps dogs!  Please consider helping us to pay for veterinary care for our neediest dogs through a special donation to our Gift Certificate program. We will issue an attractive Gift Certificate indicating money was donated (we don't need to put an amount if requested) on the recipient's behalf to help a dog in need.  Certificates are available in any dollar amount.  Contact for details. You can make a donation on-line now - just click below.


  Everyone loves a happy ending - especially our new adopters and their schnauzers.  Please check our Happy Endings photos and Happy Endings in 2013 to see some of our recent "Frank Capra" moments.   It's a wonderful life - especially for these lucky schnauzers!

In addition to our rescue mission, we work as advocates for 
animal welfare by educating the public about issues such as:

  • Proper training techniques and important health concerns - read about the dangers of heartworm in the endearing story of Otto.
  • Preventing pet overpopulation by spaying and neutering.
  • Stopping the mistreatment of animals at puppy mills.
  • Keeping pets secure so they are not lost, stolen or injured

How to contact us

The fastest way to reach us is by email:



OUR MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 5034 Laurel, MD 20725-5034
PHONE: (301) 776-7370 



Help support those who support us.


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**Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic, Inc. is a non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code section 501 (c)(3)**

The official registration and financial information of Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic, Inc. may be obtained from the Maryland Department of State.  Registration does not imply endorsement.



Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic, Inc.

P.O. Box 5034

Laurel, MD 20725-5034


       is the website for Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic - a non-profit organization that finds wonderful homes for rescued miniature schnauzers and offers educational programs to encourage kindness to animals and commitment to pets.

Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic - miniature ( mini ) schnauzer rescue. Schnauzer Rescue of miniature schnauzers in the Mid-Atlantic region including PA., MD., VA., and Washington, D.C.