Here are some commonly asked questions about rescue schnauzers:

Q- Where can I come to see the dogs you have listed?
A- We are not a kennel and do not have a central facility. Our dogs are located in foster homes throughout the Mid-Atlantic region so we can evaluate their personality and find the best home for each Schnauzer.  We limit adoptions to people within a reasonable driving distance of these homes to facilitate adoptions and follow-up.  Visitations are therefore not possible. We do meeting/adoptions. Once we have approved your application as a possible match for a particular Schnauzer, we will set up a time and location for you to meet the dog and if everything goes well when you meet, we go forward with the adoption.

Q - How can I have SRM place my schnauzer for me?
A – Contact us at and request our information form or call us at (301) 776-7370. Once you supply us background information about your dog, we can immediately begin the process of finding a home for your pet.

Q- Why do people turn over their pets to rescue?
A- Often people’s living circumstances change – for example, due the birth of a child, a job change or a move – that make it impossible for them to continue caring for their pet. These people choose rescue because they know we screen prospective homes and look for the best home for their beloved dog.

Q- Why should I pay for a rescue when I can buy a schnauzer puppy for less?
A- First, the funds you give our organization are NOT payment. They are a donation to help partially defray the veterinary costs we incur and to help our public education mission. Second, some "inexpensive" puppies may come with an additional "cost." Please read the section about puppy mills.

Q- Can I get a puppy from schnauzer rescue?
A- While we do get dogs of all ages, most rescues are dogs over 3 yrs. old. Many are aged 5 and older. So when considering a rescue, we ask that you be open to the possibility that these dogs offer – generally, they are already socialized, housetrained and ready to be a part of your family.

Q- Why do you only rescue schnauzers?
A- In fact, as individuals we don’t! Many of our members participate in various rescue efforts (including cats!) However, this site and organization are devoted to miniature schnauzers, since most of us have an expertise in their care and a particular affection for the breed.

Q- Do Rescue dogs have behavioral or medical problems?
A- Our foster homes evaluate the dogs for potential behavior problems and our rescue vets evaluate them for potential medical problems. We make full disclosure of any problems detected – after all, we want the dog to be loved and cared for in his or her new home. However, we make no guarantees as to the health, fitness, or demeanor of each dog.

Q- OK I’m ready to adopt! How do I get started?
A- Before you can be considered to adopt any Schnauzer you must first apply online at:  You will be asked about your preferences for a dog (age, sex, personality, etc.) if any and you will need to supply current references. Fill out the application completely and submit the application through the website. We will review your application, check your references, and let you know when you are approved for adoption. Adoption approval does not guarantee your eligibility for any particular dog. However, you may indicate which dog(s) interest you when you apply.

Q-How does the adoption process work?
A- We list all available Schnauzers with photos and descriptions at  If you see a Schnauzer you are interested in adopting you can email the person listed. Successful adopters take an active part in the process by letting us know which dog(s) they are interested in adopting.


Q-Once I submit the application, when will someone contact me for a Schnauzer?
A- We are all volunteers (who work full time and have our own family and dogs to care for) so our adoption process does not always move as fast as our adopters (or we) would like. It is impossible for us to contact each person who applies to adopt a Schnauzer, however, we do look at all applications. Successful adopters email the person listed to let them know of their interest in that Schnauzer-and they are patient!

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