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Q- Iíve heard the term, but what exactly are they?
A- Puppy Mills are large scale commercial breeding operations in which dogs are routinely treated inhumanely. This treatment may include the following:

  • Dogs are not given proper veterinary care or adequate nutrition, the cost of which decreases profit.
  • Dogs are kept in small cages, often with wire bottoms so excrement can be cleaned up more easily.
  • Dogs are not socialized - their only contact with humans is the cruel treatment they receive.
  • Female dogs are bred continuously beginning with their first heat until they can no longer bear puppies.
  • Non-productive breeding dogs are often shot or drowned.

Q- There arenít any puppy mills near me. Is there any way a puppy mill dog could find its way to me without me knowing it?
A- Puppy mill dogs are sometimes transferred to smaller ďagentsĒ who misrepresent the dogs as home-raised pets for sale. However, according the American Humane Society, a majority of these dogs end up being sold by pet shops.

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