More Happy Endings!


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  Lady is thrilled to be home with her new mom!

Fritz is happy at home with his new mom and buddy Dakota! 


Rodney (now Pepper) is happy to be on his new mom's lap! 

  Abby (now Lola) is now part of a wonderful family!



Max is home for the holidays! 

  Selina and Sophia are about to be very spoiled! 

Scruffy is playing with his new buddy! 

Beebe is thrilled with his new home! 

   Rudy now has a loving family! 

Mikey can't wait to be home with  his new schnauzer playmates! 

  Chloe is happy to be loved in her new home! 

Fritzie is one lucky dog to have found such a terrific home! 

  Shawn and Jessica with their new family!



  Precious and Bruiser have finally found the special home they deserve!

Bobby B. is now part of a wonderful family, with a schnauzer sister named Pepper! 

  Charley (now Sam) is ready to go home with his new big sister!

Nelson is happy to be part of a wonderful family!  

  Scooter has a new play buddy named CJ! 


Ginger now has a family who can't wait to love her! 

  Avery (now Toby) is happy to have a schnauzer buddy!

Charlie Bear is already being spoiled by his new mom! 

More Rocky Photos!      

  Rocky's rescue story has a very happy ending!

Ukie is home with his new mom! 


  Jordi is looking forward to being the center of attention!

Ralph can't wait to get to his new home! 

  Rex is a very happy dog!



Wendel is about to be a very spoiled guy! 

  Greta and Precious love their new mom and dad


  Kaiser with his new buddy Alex!


Sid (now Zack) is happy to be cuddled by his new mom! 


  Teeny Turner and her parrot friend Merlynne!

Buster loves his new family! 


  Casey is a happy boy with his new mom!








Miss Molly with her new mom! 

Holly is having a great time with her new family! 


Toby is ready to be spoiled in his new home!



Adorable Moby with his new mom and dad! 

Sammi and Jake are lucky to be part of a wonderful family! 


   Sweet little Phoebe is home with her new mom and schnauzer brother Einstein! 


Korky and his new family! 

         Monty is ready to be the center of attention! 


  Zeus will have to take turns on everyone's lap!  What a happy predicament!

Hammer and Scott are home together!  Hmmm, will Hammer's new dad change his name??? 


    Chester cuddled right up with his new mom!

Bailey and Julie hanging out!               Jax is happy to be with his new mom!


Here are former rescues Heidi and Hercules relaxing in their new home! 


Thanks to the Grossman's for making Buddy a part of the family!


Beautiful Cotton (now Jaxon) is home with his new dad! 


Thanks to Ivy and her family for being so patient waiting for the right match.  Grady (now Xander) is happy you were!



Bo with his new mom Victoria! 


Gus and Jake are home with their new family!

Tootsie loves her new mom! 


  Now how spoiled do we think Miss Ginger (now Jenny) will be!?! 



Chester and his new buddy Jackson!


Smitty is at home with his sister schnauzer Muffy!


is happy to be going home on St. Patty's Day!



Penny and her new extended family, braving the cold! 


Penny keeping warm with her new Mom!




Ellie Mae ready to be spoiled by her new mom and dad!



Dudley heading out in his new sweater!  Here he is resting up for his next adventure! 

Heidi and Hercules being hugged by their new parents!


Laszlo and his new mom and dad - trying to stay dry!




Otto and his new parents!


Betty and Ernie (formerly Felix) - smiles all around!

    Duffy - now named Otto - with his mom Sylvia and his new cocker buddy Jody!

Claire with her new friend Peaches!       

Oscar (now Gus) with his proud parents! 


            Jordan with his new family!


Sam and Max with their elated mom and dad!   


    Julie with Kaiser and Fritz!       




Nicky and his new diabetic sister Molly!   



Taz and his new mom and dad!


Karen and Teeny Turner!







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